First and foremost: I’m getting quite accustomed to the awkward stares, as I adjust my food and take countless photos of it in the cafes and restaurants around town. I meant this morning to scour the city for its best loaf of crusty bread, yet here I am: a 45 minute commute southwest of my own neighborhood, in Toronto’s Little Italy, Nikon in hand.

It all started with a quick early morning jaunt to a boulangerie 15 mins from my apartment, in eerily quiet Davisville village. To my dismay I find ‘closed’ signs hanging in the windows of nearly half of Davisville’s shops and cafes. What gives? It’s Tuesday, and it’s 10 am! This particular bakery I’ve come for is Thobor’s. Apparently named ‘Best Baguette’ in the city a mere 24 months ago. I’ll have to check back during business hours (which do not include Tuesdays!).

So… After a nice twenty minute morning walk, a bus ride, a text message (and request for recommendation) sent to a work friend, a subway ride, a streetcar ride, and then ANOTHER walk… I find myself on today’s re-vamped mission. I’m now on my way to eat the perfect custard tart.

The home of said tart: Golden Wheat Bakery. A well known shop specializing in Portuguese and Italian breads and pastries, on College Street. This place sure does not disappoint! In fact I’ve ordered a cappuccino, the famous Portuguese custard tart, AND and a Portuguese sweet salami and havarti cheese sandwich (built on their housemade, perfectly chewy bread)… And it’s only set me back $7.75 taxes-in!

The quality and freshness of the food itself, the rock bottom reasonable pricing, quaint atmosphere, and oh-so-friendly wait staff: puts this joint at the top of my list.

Portuguese salami sandwich on housemade bread: $3.50. Entire lunch with custard tart and the perfect cappuccino: $7.75



Check it out!

Next stop: Petite Thuet at 1 King West, to successfully put myself into a sugar and caffeine-induced coma.

Stay tuned!

…and… Happy Face-Stuffing!

Posted by:Ashley

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