Me: “Holy shit! What’s that noise, what’s wrong?!”

J: “It’s the sink”

Me: “The sink?!”

J: “No, a prank”

Me: “A prank?!”

J: “It’s FRANK!!”

Me: “FRANK!!!!!!!

It’s 6 a.m. and my bread starter Frank, has exploded out the top of his jar. Apparently the name Frank, heard at 6 a.m., moments after being unexpectedly jolted awake- also sounds like “sink” and “prank”. I grabbed Frank, and whipped off his lid who’s hole was spewing sour, vile smelling slime, as he shot sideways across my sink and onto yet another kitchen counter.


I left him there to ooze all over the place, and flopped back into bed, partially cursing and partially laughing. I’m just happy nothing serious was actually happening in that kitchen of mine this morning, because it sure as hell sounded like something terrible!

Take note : pick a proper sized jar for your bread starter, will ya?! Sheesh. It also doesn’t help that the pasta jar I’ve decided to make his home, has dent marks around the edges of it’s lid from my clanging and banging on it to get it open!

Note to self : pick jar lid without dents and holes. Note taken.


So now I’m awake at an ungodly hour (at least for me, given that I work until 10:30 pm tonight). I managed to fall back asleep for about two more hours after the mini explosion, but construction nuisances have me up again. I shouldn’t say I’m ready for the snow to fly, since it is August and all, but at least the construction work will be shushed. I’d really love to sleep past 8 am. Oh well!

I have leftover dill juice rye bread from last week’s borscht extravaganza, so I’ve made myself a couple of medium-poached eggs on my homemade bread, coffee in hand, butt plopped as per usual. It’s time for some serious healthy, wholesome eating after yesterday’s sugar overload. A quick update on Frank? He’s officially one week old. He’s officially “useable”. This week he’ll be made into his first loaf of bread (or at least half of him will be).

How he looks after one week of feedings, minus a few hiccups (aka: oozes and explosions) along the way…



Until the next loaf…

Check out : Dan Lepard’s process for making this leaven/starter here :   HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PET IN A JAR

Happy Hump-Day!

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