Frank’s first loaf of bread is finally here! After his re-making, his inconsistent feedings, and his sneaky little ‘prison break’/jar escape… I’ve finally thrown him into a loaf of bread. Now if I can just remember to feed what’s left of him after work tonight: then maybe he’ll survive for loaf #2!

This is yet another Dan Lepard recipe of course, altered a little bit on my end. The recipe I’ll be giving you is straight from him with sunflower seeds replacing the cinnamon. Not only do I not have cinnamon in my cupboard (and am too lazy to go buy it at the 24 hour grocery store just downstairs), but I’d rather leave it out anyways. Skipping the cinnamon means I’ll be more likely to eat this bread as both a sweet AND savoury meal. Sweet with some fruit preserves or honey, or savoury with some prosciutto.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Yup. I’m hungry now.


300 g           bread flour

75 g             rye flour

25 g             whole wheat flour

1 tsp            salt

150 g          “Frank” (or your chosen bread starter/Dan Lepards rye leaven)

175 g            water at room temperature

50 g              olive oil

1/2 tsp        dry yeast

1 TBS           honey (I didn’t measure this, just squeezed some in!)

200 g           raisins

sunflower seeds, a handful.

-Dissolve your yeast in a small amount of warm water, and mix together with all wet ingredients, including the raisins and sunflower seeds.


-Mix together all your dry ingredients including the salt, then mix this into the wet ingredients with your hands, scraping the bowl to incorporate all the scraps.

-Set this rough mixture aside for 10 minutes. It will look like this…


-Knead the dough for 30 seconds, place in an oiled bowl and rest for 10 minutes. Do this one more time, but then rest it for about 45 minutes in a warm place.

-You dough now looks like this (if you haven’t completely mucked it up…)


-After this hour of kneading and resting, remove the dough, knead it for 10 seconds, then slice into three equal portions, and roll these into logs for the braid.

-Pinch the top of the three logs together, and proceed to create a loose braid, pinching the three logs together again at the other end (to prevent it from coming apart when baked).

-Place your braid on a baking sheet with a bit of flour or oil, whichever you prefer. I like a rustic looking loaf, so I haven’t made my logs perfect. Here’s what it looks like…



-Preheat your oven to 420 F, and allow the braid to rest/proof again for about 45 minutes to an hour, until doubled in size.

-While it’s on it’s final proofing, make an egg wash. 1 egg and a small splash of water, whisk together, set aside. Straight forward, but here’s how it looks…


-Place the egg-washed loaf in the oven, rotating the tray once during baking, baking it until it’s golden brown and sounds hollow when the bottom is tapped with your fingers.

-Allow to cool on a wire rack for an hour. Enjoy! Here’s the final product…


Until next time…

Happy Weekending!

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