The truth about yesterday and my raisin and sunflower seed loaf, is that I was running out the door late for work when it arrived out of the oven. I literally pulled it out of the oven using one dry towel and an old t-shirt that I found at the back of my closet. I realized at the last moment that all my other towels and rags were wet- and therefor: absolutely going to burn the hell out of my fingers.

T-shirt it is.

So anyways… 10 hours later I’m home from work and the loaf is waiting for me, along with the mess of the apparent atomic bomb that blew in my tiny kitchen before I ran out that door.

Worth the wait? Yes.

Without the cinnamon and without any more than a single tablespoon of honey: this loaf is still sweet enough and perfect for breakfast with my gorgeous latte, and maybe even perfect for tonight’s dinner, toasted, with a little meat. I’m thinking some kind of crispy, juicy pork is going to be a lovely accompaniment here….

*drools a little*

So you see- MY breakfast is better than YOURS (whatever it is you’re having this sunny Sunday morning) !! Most likely my DINNER will be better than yours as well 😉

Unless of course, you actually make these recipes I post and are eating the same meal! Are you?….

Tomorrow I plan to share with you the recipes I used to fill my freezer with deliciousness (see below photo). Borscht, curry, and sausage & tomato soup now fill that cold, empty space!


The curry…


Enjoy your Sunday.

Happy Relaxing!

Posted by:Ashley

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