I have only two real addictions in life. Addiction #1 goes hands-down to: caffeine. This is no surprise to anyone, most of us suffer from caffeine addiction. It’s hardly suffering really- I love my addiction. You can’t quit something you truly love. Addiction #2 is, as much as I shudder as I’m about to admit this on the web… underground and cemetery photography.


Sure, sure. Sounds innocent. But who wants to be dragged in and out of dark creepy cemeteries on dreary, foggy days, so I can take hoards of photos of grave sites belonging to people whom I’ve never met?! Nobody!

Creepy. Weird. Inexplicable. It’s all of these things.

So why do I do it? I don’t know. It’s something about the serenity of it. The appearance of  emptiness in these spaces, when they are in fact: actually quite full of ‘life’ so to speak.

The underground system of transit tunnels is bustling like a scene on an ant hill one minute: people running, pushing, shoving, cursing, laughing, frowning, smiling, people falling all over each other, bicycles, push carts, strollers, then…


Not a soul in sight.

The rolling green hills of a cemetery: to the eye it’s a peaceful park with birds chirping, leaves blowing, sun shining. Lifeless, yet full of life. You’re alone, yet you are surrounded by hundreds of people. The most sharp contrast in life is expressed here. Headstones surrounded by budding flowers, pollinating insects, twinkles of sunlight shining through the trees and illuminating the names on a cenotaph.

Happiness and sadness. Togetherness and aloneness. Life and death.

I find the contrast of emotions in these places to be the most extreme, and therefore truly inspiring.

Today my post is far from food-related, but I felt like sharing some of my most recent photographs from around the city. Here are some of my favourite shots that I feel express that contrast in life: those somewhat strange places so few of us intentionally venture out to in our spare time!









For more photos visit my Flickr Photostream: 

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