I recently had the most successful shift at work in which I made the above, perfect little lemon macaron. It’s official: I do know how to make these properly, and the last several (successful) attempts were in fact not a fluke. I then got to leave work two hours earlier than my usual shift, putting me at home just in time to hit the gym before doors close.

*sloughs shoulders in disappointment*. They’re closed. It’s Sunday.

So I drag my annoyed self back to the apartment, ditch the water bottle, flip the lights, and hit the road instead. Nothing better than an 8.5 km run in less than 10 degrees to get the blood flowing. It is my favourite running weather. I guess it was meant to be. So after hitting the pavement and then making myself the usual late-night dinner of poached eggs on toast with slices of tomato, I plop my arse down on the couch to write that much neglected email update, to my miles-away friend Amanda. So there I go, typing away like a madman with all my life ups and downs + joys and woes, only to be interrupted by an unexpected telephone ring.

It is midnight after all.

It’s my grandparents. I’m told that a close family friend has been diagnosed with both lymphoma and leukaemia. After hearing the short version of the story, and also learning of the family’s blog (as a way of keeping friends and family updated), I find myself reading posts that make me both laugh and mop away tears. How can you be strong enough to spread your humour in such tough times? How can you be so open about details in a situation so raw as this?

Road blocks in life sometimes bring out the worst in you. But sometimes, they bring out the best. 

That’s true character. That is badass. Not a macaron that I’ve spent weeks avoiding and stressing over.

Sure sure, the little things are important in life too. I just wanted to take a time-out to share my moment of perspective. For the past few weeks I’ve been knocking myself. Trying to figure out exactly where I want to take my career, how I’m going to get there, where I should or shouldn’t be by now, what kind of pressure I’ll be under on the job today, how will I fit all the things into my week that I need to and still feel energized, blah blah blah. 

Who cares?

Life is short. Certain things are important. Moments like this make you realize: sometimes the things we put so much energy towards… need to take a back seat.

Here’s to…  the things that really matter. 

Figure out what those are, and don’t forget.

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