Something very cool happened to my blog this week.

Whilst eating my lovely cafeteria-style dinner at work my iPhone bleeped and told me: “Congratulations! You’ve been Freshly Pressed!” 

Excuse me? Quoi?! What on earth for?! Surely this is a typo. With all the incredible bloggers in the food world, I’m a little shocked (and thankful) to have been noticed by WordPress editor Krista. Thanks to Krista’s interest in this article my blog traffic has tripled and my followers have doubled. How awesome to have your hard work and efforts pay off with a little recognition and exposure?

Very cool.

I was also awarded ‘Illuminating Blog’, by Stella today. Thank you Stella for noticing, and nominating me. In accordance with the Rules of Blog Awards, I am to tell you one random fact about myself and nominate 5 other blogs for the Illuminating Blog Award.


1) For more on the Illuminating Blog Award visit this site.

2) Random Fact: I am a Tarot Card reader. Though I haven’t done a spread in many months. Yes, it’s true.

3) Five Blogs I’d like to nominate for the same award:

De La Casa

Lime & Barley



Delicious Daydreams

All of these are blogs I’ve recently started following, and though some of them already have decent followings, I nominate them for keeping me entertained!

Work is nuts busy these next few days, and as I’ve had split days off for three out of the past four weeks- I can’t promise any profound posts in the next few days. Not having two days off in a row more than once in a whole month and having your fire alarm beeping in your ear, construction in and on the building, etc… is really not the best combination, now is it?

It’s terrible. And I’m tired. 

I’d love to bake a pie or some extravagant loaf of bread with that delicious pickle juice that’s sitting in the freezer, waiting for me… but I’m having a nice relaxed afternoon and much anticipated dinner at The Black Hoof with my lovely significant other tomorrow. (Seriously, check their site, we’re going to eat horse. Don’t hate me.)

So… no pies. No pickle juice bread.


Ciao for now, and to followers old and new: Thank You very much for your care and comments this week, you’ve really put a smile on my face!


PS- I’m mentally exhausted, and I want what he’s having:

Most Relaxed Dog You’ve Ever Seen.

And I’ve added myself to the Blogflux directory, among other sites such as Tastespotting, and FoodGawker.

Click here for Blogflux, or here for my foodie profiles.

Posted by:Ashley

12 replies on “Freshly Pressed?! Me?!

  1. Congrats on Asley on being featured on “freshly pressed”!!! Your blog is totally worth it! I can’t do much for making you feel a little better, but I am sending you a little time off 🙂 Greetings from Greece, have a nice day! Stella

  2. Well done Ashley, you seem surprised to be freshly pressed but I’m not at all! You have a fantastic blog that’s well worth following. Always makes me chuckle aside from learning things from a pro!
    Thank you for nominating my blog for an award! It’s really lovely to get a little recognition- as you know all too well yourself!
    Becky x

    1. Hi Becky,

      You are too kind! And I am more than happy to nominate you, your posts are far more thorough than a lot of other food blogs out there, and you tackle the things that seem daunting and overwhelming to most- and assure them it’s easy.

      Well done yourself! Thank you for the lovely comments!


  3. Yay yay yay, Ashley! What a tremendous honor. You more than deserve it; not only is your content amazing, but you actively and generously helped me with all my photography questions. You’re a gem. You go girl! Oh, and by the way, please tell me those are the ever-addicting and amazing French Macaroons on your banner photo…

  4. How wonderful!! Congratulations!! You must be so happy…. I know that I get that jump of excitement when I get an email saying that I have a new follower… (I’m up to 17, I think… yay!!)…

    I’m glad I happened upon your blog…I look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

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