My job is an overly social one. I spend the majority of the day talking, talking, talking, face to face with many people all day. Many of you can’t wait for the weekend so you can go out socializing after hours spent in a cubicle on the phone, or in front of a sometimes mind numbing computer screen. In fact most of the people I know can’t wait for the weekend so they can socialize. I’m different.

The best part of my work day is walking into my tiny apartment at 11:30 pm, knowing I don’t have to expend my energy talking for at least a few hours. I’m an introvert that spends most of her day communicating and socializing, and by the end of the day and when my weekend comes… sometimes socializing is that very last thing I want to do. (Not always, but sometimes).

This past two days off I needed to do an array of things such as making phone calls, sending emails, etc- and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just needed a couple of days to do nothing, go to the gym, and hole up in my apartment cooking and baking, and watching movies. To those of you reading this who are waiting for my call or email: I’m sorry. You know I love you, and I promise I will call you/email you within the next 72 hours.

I’ve been struggling with keeping myself balanced. I guess it’s the modern day technology induced “ADD”. I have thirteen trillion things I’m interested in and want to do/accomplish, yet I can’t find time to fit it all into the week. I almost envy those people who have one clear and apparent passion in life, those who have one major interest in life that consumes the majority of their time and is most likely their line of work. Those people who knew early on what they wanted to do with their lives and knew they’ll always do it. It’s not that black + white for all of us. I have a long list of subjects that I’m passionate about and things I want to pursue, and this sometimes ensures that others view me as scatter brained and directionless. I’m not the type of personality that can easily lock down on one thing, I have too many different areas of interest. And thanks (and no thanks) to today’s technology: I have access to all of these at the quick click of a button, making it that much harder to focus on just one thing. Or, more importantly: to sleep better.


After a great and much needed video chat with my miles-away BFF tonight: it’s time to take an evening to list these things. To list my interests and weekly activities, the things that matter. To essentially budget my time throughout the week, so that I can see what’s possible and what isn’t. What’s realistic and what isn’t. (And I don’t even have kids!). But I figure this is the only way I can stop guilt tripping myself for not fitting all of the things I want, into each week. See what fits, and discard the lesser important items.

Time to…. simplify, as my arm and living room wall are so kindly reminding me.

So here’s a simple cake to help you finish off the week, perfect for dessert or as a coffee cake for breakfast. It’s butter free so you don’t need a stand mixer for creaming method or any other fancy equipment, and that much healthier since we’re talking about olive oil here!

Meyer Lemon, Olive Oil and Poppyseed Cake: (makes 2 loaves)

200g                           sugar

3                                 eggs

pinch                        salt

1 cup                         olive oil

1 cup                         milk

3                                meyer lemons, juice and zest

2 cups                      all purpose flour

3 tsp                         baking powder

2 TB                        poppyseeds

-Preheat oven to 350 F.

-Whisk together the sugar, eggs, salt, and olive oil, until fully combined and smooth, and starting to look a little fluffy.

-Add the milk, lemon juice and zest, and whisk until smooth and combined.

-Whisk together the flour and baking powder, then whisk those into the liquid ingredients until completely smooth and no lumps of flour throughout.

-Whisk in the poppyseeds last.

-Pour into greased and floured loaf pans, and bake until light golden.

-Best served at room temperature with an extra few drips of  that left over lemon.



As always!

I’d also like to acknowledge that I’ve been nominated for two more blogger awards this week by Jenna, and I promise I will follow the rules and write a post about it very soon- I haven’t forgotten, and am very appreciative!

Ciao for now!

Posted by:Ashley

6 replies on “Meyer Lemon, Olive Oil + Poppyseed Cake

  1. This looks heavenly. So light and fluffy! I’ve been meaning to make lemon poppyseed muffins forever — I might have to go for a loaf instead. Thanks for posting this!

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