CountryLoafBrightenedMy friend over at Sweet Escapes has lent me Tartine Bread, and last week I attempted Chad Robertson’s famed Country Loaf. I really like his no-mess method for kneading high hydration doughs. I was all over the place trying to make it to the gym, grocery store, and make dinner that day, so my following of instructions was pretty weak and not quite to the book. I also have used my own starter dubbed Frank, instead of the one from the book. Frank is about to have his 9th month birthday. Soon he will be one year old!

I didn’t get the crust I was hoping for on this loaf due to my not having a spray bottle (or fancy self steaming oven, of course) but it’s still got a lovely crumb and great flavour. I also don’t have a dutch oven, which is how this particular loaf should be baked. Nonetheless- delicious and worth doing again.

It’s quite a long process, and maintaining the starter for a while will take you some time, so rather than type it all out: I’ll redirect you here for detailed instructions.

What you’ll need for Tartine Bakery’s Country Loaf: (makes 2)

  • For the Starter:
  • White bread flour, 1,135 grams
  • Whole-wheat flour, 1,135 grams
  • Water (lukewarm), 455 grams
  • Water (78 degrees), 150 grams per feeding
  • For the Leaven:
  • Water (78 degrees), 200 grams
  • For the Dough:
  • Water (80 degrees), 750 grams
  • Leaven, 200 grams
  • White bread flour, 900 grams
  • Whole-wheat flour, 100 grams
  • Salt, 20 grams

And a little glimpse into my afternoon commute- what it’s like to be day-sleeping:


Ciao guys, Happy Thursday!


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