AppleCrispForkI’ve had several requests in the past week, two of which were apple crisp and the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I had two incredibly productive days off (including two good gym sessions, the latter one leaving me almost unable to walk this morning) so I didn’t have much time for baking, however I did bake the apple crisp. I could’ve baked it a little longer as the apples should’ve been a little softer, so I’ll include multiple baking times in this recipe.

As for the chocolate chip cookie request- my only recipes that come out with a ‘nice crispy outside and soft inside’ are ones needing a stand mixer for preparation, so I’ll be working on cookie recipes without a mixer. Stay tuned for that one.

I was also contacted by social media management specialist Troy Dettwiler, and will be working on a couple of recipes using Natural Delights medjool dates this week. It just so happens these are my favourite, so I was happy to see that request waiting in the inbox. Stay tuned!

The Apple Crisp:  yields 1 – 9″ pie pan

5              granny smith apples, large dice, skin on
1/4 cup    brown sugar
1              lemon, zest and juice
1 tsp        cinnamon

1 cup       all purpose flour
1 cup       oats, I used quick oats
1/2 cup    brown sugar
1/2 cup    melted butter

The Procedure:

-Preheat your oven to 375F.

-Toss together the first four ingredients, and pour it into your pie pan.

-In the same bowl you mixed your apples in: add the last four ingredients, and mix together with a spatula until all are combined and have a crumbly texture.

-You are melting your butter for this streusel topping in order to keep it crispy rather than it becoming soggy. If you use softened instead of melted butter, the fats begin melting downwards into your apple mixture as it begins to warm up, leaving less fat in the topping itself- resulting in a less crispy version.

-Dump your oat topping onto you apples and even if out with your fingers, breaking up larger clumps to your desired ‘clump size’!


-Bake for at least one hour for slightly firm apples, and an extra 20 minutes for soft apples, being sure to rotate your pan at least twice to ensure even baking.

-Best if cooled at room temperate for about an hour.

-Serve with ice cream as dessert or with yogurt for breakfast 😉


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