Yesterday was my 29th birthday- and I am fortunate enough to have loved ones in my life who know me well, and received some tools to aid and encourage me in my food photography adventures. Lucky girl! I plan to really work at advancing my skills over the next few months, and wanted to post a quick one today- showing you fellow foodie bloggers out there the difference between basic and manipulated lighting. As I learn new things in my food photography journey I will be sharing them with you here as little factoids and tutorials, for those amateurs and newbies also wishing to take their work up a notch on a budget.

I really love shooting towards the light, especially here in my apartment where the daylight is pretty subtle, but that’s usually a huge no-no. Shooting towards the light means you loose detail in those shadows and you usually end up with such a high contrast throughout your shot- that it won’t be of much interest to anyone. Using a simple reflector gives you the ability to reflect and bounce that light around, using it to your advantage and creating some really well lit and creative photos.

Today’s comparison: The same shot with same camera settings, one with the use of a reflector and one without. What I’m given here is the ability to shoot more towards the light without the loss of detail, without blown out areas, and a pretty decent amount of contrast.

Photo #1 is without a reflector, and Photo #2 is with one.




Now, the format of my blog doesn’t allow you to see the detail up close since the photos are posted quite small, so click on each one to bring up a larger sized file so you can see the image properly. Click back and forth between them. A pretty big difference.

Now, it’s time to get my arse in the shower and get on with the day! Dinner is going to be something delicious from Ottollenghi and Tamimi’s Jerusalem, so hopefully there’ll be enough leftovers for photos tomorrow 😉

Ciao for now!


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2 replies on “Why you need a reflector for your foodie blog.

  1. i just busted out my reflector the other day and i exclaimed “best $30 bucks i spent in the last 15 years!” haha. i forgot how much i loved that thing and how many wonderful uses it has, what with a built in screen and all 😉

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