Today I spent a couple of hours scouring the antique stores of Bayview and Mount Pleasant in the Davisville area of Toronto looking for cheap finds for food photography props, and had some great success! If you spend enough time rummaging through the dark corners of these dust slicked shops and are willing to get a little grimy-handed: there really are some decent finds. With a little help from Rena and her how-to video on this website here you can further oxidize your cheap five dollar finds with just an egg… and a plastic baggie. Add character and tarnish to your heart’s desire, and create some unique pieces for your next food styling/blogging project.








Some more finds from the Davisville area:


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9 replies on “20 Minute Cutlery Patina How-To

  1. I did it!! I never would have thought to do this. Not sure yet how to incorporate it into a photo, but excited to explore that!! Thanks!!

    1. Oh you did!!!!! That’s excellent I’m so glad you had fun with it! How do you like the results? You can take some silver polish to the pieces afterwards if you went ‘too far’ with the patina.

      1. I like it a lot. I only did 2 forks and a spoon, though, so when I try to add them in with current things I have for photo shoots, they seem out of place. Maybe I need to get more old looking stuff to pair with them. But I do like how easy it is to do this, and they are definitely more interesting looking than before. Thanks again!!

      2. I sure did. It made me want to go back to the thrift store, buy about 100 pieces of silverware, then go home and boil a whole bunch of eggs! But I didn’t. It sure is cool, though. I need an antique-looking place to match, though. Have a good day!

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