As I watch the tomato vines grow hairier despite recent rain and wind whipping, and find myself constantly repositioning pots and crates, I’m coming to know which of our green pets will do well here and which might be best avoided next year. I’m finding the sunshine actually swaths the entire balcony in glorious light from sunup until about noon, which isn’t half as bad as I’d predicted. They’re getting a fair amount of direct light helping them sprout like mad, yet none of the more intense sun of the afternoons. I suspect this will be of growing importance as we enter July and August. I hear El Nino is in the cards for us again this summer, so we might get boiled.

So far we’ve managed to keep everything alive and thriving despite some wind tunnel issues here on the 18th floor, but only a small portion of one of the smaller tomato plants suffered. Everthing else is still going strong with their zap straps and ‘stick strongholds’. Two new adoptees joined the family this week, those being apache and habanero peppers. So- we shall see! Let’s hope for a bountiful crop! At the very least we’ve stopped buying fresh herbs from the grocer, and that was goal #1: have a plentiful enough garden to save us the $2 per bunch for store-bought herbs. You just need a sprig or two! What am I supposed to do with a massive bundle of cilantro!? Watch it wilt in the fridge- that’s what! But wilt no more… just whip out the scissors.


(newest hairy tomato vine needing support)



(thyme, cilantro, basil, lavendar, parlsey, mint)



(first of the reddening tomatoes)



(first baby habanero pepper)



(thyme, cilantro, lavendar, basil, oregano, mint, parsley)



It’s also nearing July, which means it’s almost my bread starter Frank’s 1st birthday! He’s been dormant here and there in the fridge, but I’ve kept him going despite my recent lack of bread making. You can read more about Frank in my earliest posts here and hereand he was also used in this bread recipe post, as well as this one


(Prison Break Frank today, nearing his birthday)



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