So, I’ve been in battle this week. A battle against red aphids on the chili pepper plants. I’ve tossed one plant and sprayed the other one with soapy suds in hopes that it’ll come through. It literally looks like someone’s taken a pair of scissors to the leaves in some spots and just chopped away for fun. Those little bastards! Everything’s lush and green except for this most recent adoptee, so the lone survivor is standing in the corner, quarantined. Let’s hope for the best.

The newest addition in the home though is the plastic container of cookies on the kitchen counter. When they’re gone it gives me an ‘excuse’ to try out a new recipe. And as always I’m grabbing what’s left at the back of the fridge or cupboard to use up, instead of venturing out to buy specific ingredients. Last night’s success: chewy nut butter cookies (butter free!). They’re actually fantastic. I had a small jar of 100% peanut butter (the no sugar added kind, in case you’re unfamiliar) that had separated, sitting on the top shelf, as well as some almonds. I’ve used a 1:1:1 ratio of nut butter, sugar, and flour, with baking powder, and added molasses. Brown sugar would be even better here, but I didn’t have it on hand so the molasses will help out with the flavour. Baked just enough and they’ve turned out perfectly chewy.

Don’t forget you can use whatever nut butter and chopped nuts you have or want to try. I’m sure this would be a fantastic cookie made with cashew butter too!


The Chewy Nut-Butter Cookies: yields 1 dozen @ 1.5 TB per dough ball


1/2 cup               peanut butter (or other nut butter)

1/2 cup               sugar

1                         egg

1/2 tsp                vanilla

1 TB                   molasses

1/2 cup               all purpose flour

1 tsp                   baking powder

1/4 cup               chopped almonds (or other nut)


-Preheat oven to 350 F.

-In a large bowl stir together the nut butter, sugar, vanilla and molasses until combined.

-Add the egg and stir until well combined and smooth.

-Whisk the baking powder into the flour, then add it to the paste, stir until combined.

-Add the nuts last and mix well. I had to use my hands to fully incorporate all of the ingredients once the dry was added, so don’t be shy.

-Scoop the dough into 1+1/2 TB portions, and roll into balls.

-Press down half way with a fork, toss in white sugar, and bake on a non stick baking surface for 10 mins, rotating the tray one time at the 5 minute mark.

-Cool for 5 mins on baking tray, remove onto a wire rack and cool an additional 15 mins.







Oh, and in case anyone’s interested in the set-up for the first photo- here is my set-up : food is on top of the chair which is on top of the table, tripod, diffuser for the direct sunlight, and of course the soap spray bottle for those damn aphids!





Ciao for now!





Posted by:Ashley

7 replies on “Chewy Nut Butter Cookies (butter free!)

  1. Wow, those cookies look amazing! And butter-free! I’m pondering making cookies today myself, but the weather is so nice here in Seattle, it feels odd to turn on the oven. Sorry to hear of the damn aphids. I don’t have a garden, but I heard ladybugs are really good to control aphids, and usually garden stores sell them. (Maybe I’m telling you something you already know, so just ignore, if so.) Have a good weekend.

    1. Hi Dave, I did hear about the ladybugs! Might look into it if the problem persists! Glad you all are having some nice weather over on the West Coast! Enjoy the sun!

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