Two days ago in British Columbia an astonishing 20 temperature records were broken at weather stations across the province. The temperature highs in the top three communities to break their records ranged from 40.7 C to 41.1 C. Byproducts of these kinds of temperatures include uncontrolled wildfires, smog buildup, and red tides, all three of which are occurring in BC as a result. Red tide is a natural occurrence as the waters around the coastline turn red from rapid algae growth due to the increasing warmth of the water from sunlight. Natural toxins do occur in these algae swarms and some red tides are associated with mortalities in species of fish, birds, and even marine mammals, depending on it’s severity and density. Most coastal dwellers in BC think of a lack of shellfish when they hear ‘red tide’, as bivalve shellfish have increased biotoxins due to the warming of their habitat, and are unsafe for ingestion.

This week’s Metro Vancouver red tide, photos by Chad Dey of News 1130






These types of situations might be indeed ‘natural’, and an automatic response from nature in the face of changing weather, however our ever increasing temperature highs and natural weather disasters are nothing to be scoffed at. Repeated increases in warmth year after year in these areas can cause a ‘natural’ death among sea life in these waters, which is indeed a huge problem for us. Biodiversity should be important to us all, as we depend on it more than most think. For more information about the effects of climate change on marine biodiversity, check out this article from ScienceDaily (source: University of British Columbia)



Okay, enough of the heavy stuff. You want some cake as consolation?!



The Zucchini Bread: yields 1 large loaf


1+1/2 cup               all purpose flour

1/2 cup                   whole wheat flour

1 TB                       baking powder

1/2 tsp                    salt

1/4 tsp                    cinnamon

1                             egg

1 tsp                       vanilla

1/2 cup                   milk

1/3 cup                   oil

1/2 cup                   brown sugar, lightly packed

1 TB                       molasses

2 TB                       honey

1 cup                      grated zucchini, packed


-Preheat oven to 350F.

-In a large bowl whisk together your dry ingredients.

-In a separate container whisk together all of the wet ingredients including the brown sugar.

-Add the wet ingredient mixture to the dry ingredients with the grated zucchini, and fold all ingredients together with a spatula until just combined and there are no lumps of dry flour. Do not over mix.

-Pour the batter into a loaf pan sprayed with cooking spray (or smeared thinly with butter) and lined with a piece of parchment paper, and place in the oven immediately.

-Bake 20 mins, then rotate loaf pan, bake for an additional 20-25 minutes.

-Remove loaf from the oven and rest 5 mins. Then remove loaf from pan onto a wire rack and cool an additional 15 mins before slicing.

-Keeps in the fridge at least one week!







Ciao for now guys!







Posted by:Ashley

4 replies on “Zucchini Bread with Honey + Molasses

  1. Hi Ash! I made this today and it turned out great! Very moist and tasty! Good job!
    Love grandma

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