“Better Than Your Boyfriend’s Post-Workout Protein Shake” is what this should really be named. I’ve never really tried the powdered gunk everybody seems to swear by, the smell and sludge-like appearance just doesn’t do it for me. I’m the absolute worst at eating properly before and after the gym, which is why I’m putting some extra effort into it today since I have the time.  I’ve got my hands on another gooey package of Natural Delight’s Medjool Dates.  One of my last posts with this product was Perfect Oatmeal Cookies which I will probably be making again this week, seeing as how I can’t seem to stop myself from daydreaming about them.

Chia seeds are one of those new ‘fad’ ingredients that some people are raving about and some are condemning. Personally I believe that all things in moderation is a far better rule to follow than overloading on any one fad ingredient. Chia seeds are apparently in the mint family, are native to Guatemala and Central and Southern Mexico, and were allegedly one of the staple foods in Ancient Aztec diets, quite possibly even as important a crop as maize. Which is a pretty cool factoid when you think about the importance of maize in human history. High in omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, and other nutrients- it’s obvious why this seed has become so popular. Whether it’s health benefits are miraculous or a complete and utter scam (my guess is it’s somewhere in between) I have no idea, but either way I’ve got a bag sitting in my cupboard that needs using up! From the small bit of reading I’ve done on the subject I’d just say, that if you are going to purchase chia seeds… 1) avoid any made in China, and 2) don’t get all obsessed and go dumping them into your every drink and plate of food. Moderation, remember? If you want to eat well and be healthy try eating a wide range of foods, be experimental and don’t eat the same foods day in and day out. Overdoing it with one or two particular items, no matter what you’ve seen or read on the internet, is never a good idea. Eating as much produce as possible, some lean proteins (remember, meat isn’t your only option) and keeping it light on the carbohydrates and refined sugars is what makes the most sense.

The biggest shocker to me in regards to diet has been the ability to keep track of my calorie intake with the use of my smartphone. When you become fully aware of just how many calories you’re consuming with that morning frappuccino, the store-bought cookie, the slather of mayo on your sandwich, or that weekly burger and fries… you’re likely to make smarter choices going forward. Being aware of what you’re taking in isn’t meant to be a daily guilt trip, but more of a tool for making better decisions. Pay attention to your workouts, know how many calories you’re burning in comparison to how many you’re taking in with your food + drink, and you’ll feel a whole lot better about what you put in your mouth and how many hours you spend sitting on your arse!




The Shake: serves 2


6                    pitted, Medjool dates

1 TB              peanut butter, 100% unsweetened

1 TB              chia seeds

1/14 tsp         cinnamon (that is not a typo, that is 1/2 your 1/8 tsp)

1 cup             orange juice

1/2 cup          plain yogurt

1/2                 frozen banana

2                    ice cubes


-Blend until completely smooth. Serve straight away.

-If you find this is too sweet or too thick for your liking, just thin-out with more orange juice accordingly!




Ciao for now folks!


Happy blender-ing!








Posted by:Ashley

5 replies on “Post-Workout Protein Shake

  1. I make a similar shake with cashew milk and almond butter, instead of yogurt and peanut butter, and I add flaxseeds. Your photo is lovely. Perfect and crisp. What type of camera do you use?

    1. I’d prefer almond butter for a little less sweetness, I have to admit! I used what I had, but plan to try with alternative butters!

      I use a Nikon entry level D3000 with a 50mm F1.8 lens. How about yourself? Your images are always lovely as well!

      1. Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks, but I know I still have so much to learn when it comes to food styling and creating fantastic, memorable and beautiful photos. As you mentioned in your recent post, I too like Beth’s Photography. I used to use a Nikon D90 and since last year I started using a Canon 6D. My lens is 1:4, 105mm. I’d like to get a macro lens, but think I probably should first learn how to master what I currently have…. Again, so much to learn. Sometimes I wish I knew a professional photographer, personally. 🙂 So many questions…. With a toddler, no time for classes. 🙂

        \As for your shake, I should have also mentioned that I also often use other plant milks like oat, hemp, almond, etc.

      2. Hi Martine!

        Knowing a professional photographer would be amazing, wouldn’t it?! Sounds like you have pretty good gear, better than mine potentially! I really like your images, they have a ‘real’ quality.

        I’ve been thinking about the different milks for smoothies and shakes. I’ve used milk for these past ones because it’s what I always have on hand (being a coffee fiend!) but I really enjoy almond milk in particular, and that lends the extra protein, which is great! Might look into some of these ones you mention as well! Thank you 🙂

  2. This looks amazing. I love peanut butter and bananas! You could even substitute a soy yogurt in place of the yogurt for a dairy-free version. I wish I could make this right this minute!

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