Just a quick post to share this smoothie recipe with you! I left the house at 9 am this morning and I’m just sitting down to dinner now, at 10:00 pm. Feeling a little pooped, but late evening gyming and smoothie-ing is always worth it, even on those long days. A close friend of mine is quite gym and smoothie crazed, and I guess she’s rubbing off on me lately. Dixi, if you ever happen to read this: that is to be taken as a compliment, not an insult!

I’m really enjoying being able to take photos of my food stuffs at night now that I have an artificial light source for my photography. (Did I mention that?!) Having to plan my days off around daylight and manageable photo times, and never being able to take shots of some of our delicious dinners- was really starting to bug me. Natural light is fantastic but it really limits you in regards to time and the items you can photograph. We’ve made some incredible meals in recent months and I’d really like to start sharing them with you here, without having to remake the lot of it the next day to take photos. So, I went out and purchased a lamp with a daylight fluorescent bulb and started practicing. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks. I’ve been taking photos with this camera for a few years now, and looking at images of food photography set ups online had me thinking this whole thing was going to be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong! After two days of pure frustration I’ve finally calmed down a little bit and accepted that it’s going to take me some time to get my footing. To manipulate the light in ways that create the stunning images I’m striving for. Sure I can take a shot in focus and make it look ‘good enough’, but my goal is to really take it to the next level. The truly drool-worthy. Ya know? The kind of images you love because the food looks delicious and because the image itself is a work of art. That’s what I want.

Those of you who know me personally know that I have literally zero patience. For anything. Especially once I have my mind set on something. So here it is folks: prepare to follow me on a journey of light manipulation over the next few months, as I try to get a grip on this thing called food photography. Wish me luck, I sense I’ll be needing it! This image today is my first post using only an artificial light source. Any pointers from the pros out there: I’m open ears! Things are already looking up- being able to post things to the blog on a workday at 10 pm? I might even have a day off in the coming weeks where I just lay around and read a book or something. Hmm!


The Beet + Kale Protein Smoothie: yields 1 large portion 

(gluten free, dairy free, and vegan)


1                    small red beet with greens/tops, chopped

2                    medium sized kale leaves, chopped

1/2                 banana

1/4                 green apple

2                    dried dates

1 TB              almond butter

2                    ice cubes

splash           orange juice (more or less depending on desired thickness)


-Blend all ingredients until completely smooth.

I originally made this without the banana, but reblended it. The bitterness of the beets and beet greens needed some sweet to balance them out! If it’s still a little to ‘veggie’ for you: add a little honey (wouldn’t be vegan).

Enjoy guys.

Ciao for now…



Oh! And PS- the balcony garden is still surviving despite a large bout of aphids, and apparently some kind of soil or waterlock issue. The tomato plants look as if they’re completely dead but somehow they keep producing fruit! Amazing. We’re overloaded with tomatoes some days. Here’s a shot I took last night (more artificial daylight) of yesterday’s pick.


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  1. I’m so glad I am following your blog!! Keep it up!! I just got home after a crazy day and feel like I should be enjoying your heathy drink instead of my beer!;).

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