The smell of freshly brewed coffee is one of my favourite things in life. I know that’s putting a lot on something simple, but it’s the little things that matter most. The smell of coffee isn’t just a reminder of the feeling you get while sipping a fresh brew, it’s also a reminder of all of life’s important moments and memories that included coffee. The best conversations with friends, early morning sunrises, your morning off with the newspaper (errr.. internet article), an afternoon of dog walking around the lake (you know who you are), an early evening stroll on the first day of autumn, the simplest: just the start of another day with all the potential that it holds, or my personal favourite: the beginning of a ‘road trip’ of any kind.

A day trip to Kelowna with Mum to pick up necessities for the family business, going down to Vancouver to visit other half of the family around Christmas time, an out of Province high school bus trip, the end of an overnight train ride to the south of France, that moment just before boarding a long flight to somewhere you’ve never been (or home!), a week long drive across half a dozen states, and so many more.

There are countless precious life moments I’ve experienced through the lens of a coffee mug, but today’s is the beginning of a neck-kinking mission to finish building and decorating the tiniest wedding cakes I’ve ever laid eyes on! No more than the height of your pinky finger, and nearly two hundred of them!

I’ll be sure to post photos of the finished project, all encased in their tiny glass domes.

What are your most favorite life moments that come to mind over a fresh brew?




Posted by:Ashley

8 replies on “The Tiniest Wedding Cakes

  1. Lovely post! When I was younger, coffee reminded me of early mornings with my dad. Now, it also brings to mind good conversations with friends and bonding moments with new acquaintances. Good luck on the tiny cakes!

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