Looking for the perfect salad vinaigrette to accompany any meal of the week? Look no further, this basic dressing will satisfy your salad-tooth (if there is such a thing), and will compliment pretty much any flavor combination, whatever the rest of your dinner may be. A handful of basic ingredients sound potent in themselves, but a balance of each ensures that no one stands out boldly above the other. Not too fishy, not too mustardy, not too sour or sweet, and not too garlicky. Your new favourite go-to dressing.

I promise you the anchovy paste lends a zip without a fishy scent!

Anchovy + Shallot Vinaigrette

3/4 cup               extra virgin olive oil

1/4 cup               apple cider vinegar

2 squirts              anchovy paste

1 TB                    dijon mustard

1 tsp                    dried thyme (or za’atar spice blend, which I’ve used here)

1                          small shallot, minced

pinch or 2            salt

pinch or 2            sugar

2 pinches             freshly ground black pepper

2 squirts               lemon juice

-Place all ingredients in a blender or sealable glass mason jar (my preference), and blend/shake until combined.

-Toss with salad greens immediately or refrigerate for up to one week.



Posted by:Ashley

11 replies on “Anchovy + Shallot Vinaigrette. Your Everyday Salad Dressing.

  1. Gorgeous photos… and a delicious vinaigrette. I cannot wait to give this a try… my mind has already given my tastebuds an idea of how this will taste…and I know that I’m going to love it! I think some greens with a pungent cheese, such as shaved romano would be so delicious! ❤

  2. Love this recipe especially because it uses apple cider vinegar and anchovies – I’m going to adapt it today but to make a kale pesto…..will let you know how it goes…

  3. Hi – the result is great – a little kale goes a long way when it comes to pesto. Already added it to a frittata yesterday and a salad today. Thanks for the inspiration – I will add the pesto recipe as a blog post soon!

    1. Thank you very much for that, I really appreciate the nom! I’ll have to sit down and browse you’re site later tonight 🙂

      I also use the Mason jar for all of my vinaigrettes!

  4. I love using shallots in my dressings. This recipe is similar to one my mom makes to dip our artichokes in. The sharpness of the shallot and sweetness of the sugar go really well with artichokes. I am just drinking in your photography tonight. Very inspiring.

    1. Too kind 🙂 Thank you. I also love the shallot edge. I’m finding the key in dressings and vinaigrettes is the perfect balance between the acid and the sugars.

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