I love love love pickling and preserving things. Whether it’s homemade marmalade that takes 48 hours of patience, or preserved lemons that take 6 weeks- I’m game. It’s even better if you happen to have something particularly seasonal, like garlic scapes. Grab all the good stuff while it lasts and preserve it for yourself for the long cold (and usually bland in the produce department) winter. Even basic vegetables that you can get year round such as carrots and beets are items you should seek out for pickling while they’re in season. The flavor is ten times better.

I have an afternoon BBQ to head to tomorrow, so I plan to keep one jar of scapes, and gift a jar to the potluck host who also loves growing and pickling.

I realize I have a lot to catch readers up on regarding the balcony garden. I haven’t spoken a word really, since the first week. It’s dark out already so I can’t get any great photos for you tonight, but I will say it’s doing well! Green and lush with fruits beginning to sprout. The tomatoes have formed a few small green bunches, the peas have shown a couple of pods, and even a nice long crispy cayenne pepper is showing it’s face. Lettuces have been hacked back at least three times and they’re growing faster than we can keep up with. I’d suggest for anyone interested in growing lettuces- go with romaine. It’s more robust and survives with a nicer crispness than the leaf lettuces. If you’re planting mint, parsley, or cherry tomatoes – plant them separately, they take over. The Ivy is stretching it’s arms out everywhere, and the mint has grown legs that we chopped off for mojitos last week!


It’s exactly one week until I jet off to British Columbia (home) for a few days time. I haven’t been back in over two years, due to a million reasons, and I literally cannot wait. Not only am I overdue for some time away from work, but I need to see my family and friends and those mountains! I plan on hiking and taking a ton of photos, so stay tuned for that. Whistler bound.

But anyways, on to the pickled scapes.


Pickled Garlic Scapes:   yields two small mason jars

2                    very large handfuls of fresh garlic scapes in good condition

1+1/2 cup      apple cider vinegar

1+1/2 cup      water

2 TB               salt

2 TB               sugar

1 TB               dried chilis

1 TB               black peppercorns

-Clean the two mason jars thoroughly.

-Bring all of the ingredients except for the scapes to a simmer and shut off the heat.

-Twist the scapes into loops and knots one by one and cram them into the jars, filling them up to the top as much as possible. They’re pretty forgiving so you can twist them up nicely to fit inside the jars. The ends may snap off  a bit much like the ends of asparagus when they’re too woody.

-Pour the hot liquid into the jars and continue filling until the scapes are fully submerged. Push them down a little more if needed.

-Twist on the lids and leave on the counter until they’re room temperature to the touch.

-Toss into the back of the fridge and forget about them (try to) for at least a couple of weeks, but a few weeks if you can.

-Add to salads, sandwiches, eat on their own, or even stuff them into a nice double caesar. Oh yea.


Stay tuned for some landscape imagery from Whistler, as well as a proper garden update with images…

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