I spent a little time this weekend doing some work for Monde du Chocolat, who you may recognize from previous posts of mine. For anyone interested in purchasing chocolates and the other assorted treats you see in the below images, contact erika.han@mondeduchocolat.com







All images copyrighted and not for use without permission

Posted by:Ashley

12 replies on “Monde du Chocolat. Another Photo Shoot.

  1. These are stunning! and i bet delicious too. I miss the world of pastry and confections, not the long and excruciating working hours, but the beautiful creations and delicate artistic balance. Well, at least i still have pictures (like these) to keep me dreaming.

    1. HI Paula, I didn’t realize you were previously a pastry chef too until I read your blog. What kind of pastry jobs did you hold? Maybe we have similar backgrounds! How did you manage to change careers?

      1. Hi Ashley, i worked in every position from pastry 1 to pastry chef (Denver museum of nature an science) and then opened up a wedding cake and dessert table business which i ran for 6 year. Career change was more a need than a want (health related), so i had to go back to school. I found an interest in communications, specifically PR and strategic media relations and currently work at the Denver Art Museum. The blog is a way to practice writing and opening up from the ‘flour mouse’ i used to be. I would love to work for a winery or a restaurant group since that is what i know best, however, i love the museum and all the art stuff i’m learning.
        How did you get started with photography? You surely have a great business opportunity there since your photos are amazing.

      2. Wow, you’ve been through the ringer! Opening a wedding cake and sweet table business must have been intensely hard work. I’m glad to hear you found something else of interest. I myself don’t feel this business is a fully sustainable one, as the hours and expectations can at times really be a killer. I’m definitely hoping to branch out into something related yet ‘different’ in the future….

  2. They are so pretty, I am particularly impressed with the half spheres, some of them remind me of planets 🙂 Are they plain chocolate? Or is there something inside?

      1. OMG YUM! I am so glad I get to go to lunch soon!
        Now that I have thought of them as little planets all I can think is that it would be so cool if they did a solar system range hahaha.

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