This weekend I spent some time at Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, here in Toronto. If you’re interested in breaking into the world of Pastry Arts I recommend taking a look at the College’s website to get an idea what kinds of classes are out there. If you’re not interested in committing to multiple-semester schooling and a full career jump, but are looking to gain specific pastry skills on the side, this is a great place to get started. There’s great potential for niche businesses like custom cakery and creative sweet table catering. Just look at the work of Maggie Austin for example. You can go to culinary or baking management school full time or you can search out education that will give you specific skill sets without all the extra, it just depends what your goals are.


The class I took this weekend is BG’s The Art of Sugar Blossoms. The specific flowers we learned to make this time were magnolia, ranunculus, and succulent, all very modern looking. It was a great way to spend my weekend, I’ve always wondered exactly how these are put together. One of the most tedious time consuming things I’ve ever done, that’s for sure. Two days to make these three blossoms!

Each petal of the flower is individually built attached to wire, and then they’re all dried overnight, hand painted, and then assembled. Very intensive but worth the time, effort, and patience. Even the colors are difficult to achieve, a sensitive mixture of multiple color powders just to achieve the green alone. It’s exciting to spend hours making and painting parts and to then see it all start to come together at the end. On my list of other specific skills to learn are wafer paper flowers. An even more natural looking edible blossom made of a completely different medium.


I really love the color scheme I ended up with for this round, dusty pink with the eucalyptus grey. A slightly muted palette. Any bloggers out there making sugar blossoms or other similar things? Sharing always encouraged!

PS – meow meow.


Posted by:Ashley

5 replies on “Gum Paste Edible Sugar Flowers

  1. This were my favorite when i did weddings…I spent countless hours making peonies, hydrangeas, magnolias and orchids, not counting mini blossoms, roses, leaves, you name it. This area of decorating wedding cakes I do miss. Beautiful as always!

    1. That’s fantastic Paula, that’s a lot of skill there! Each one is so completely different than the next when you’re trying to create them, wow! And the tools and trinkets required as well…. ! I’d really like to start creating just a few smaller ones for single tier modern looking cakes! There’s always something you miss from past work, isn’t there?

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