This week I’ve decided to invest in Food Blogger Pro from Bjork and Lindsay over at Pinch of Yum. If you are a food blogger or considering starting one up – you should seriously consider both checking out their site and investing in their Food Blogger Pro interactive community. I’ve been thinking about signing up for a while now, but finally it was suggested to me one last time… and I just had to try it. Food Blogger Pro gives you guided video tutorials for nearly everything you could imagine when it comes to both starting a food blog, and monetizing it over time once you do get going. One of the selling features for me is the Nutritional Facts label generator that becomes available to you. Genius! You’ll be seeing this pop up in my recipes from now on, as I start writing more thorough recipe posts. It also encourages me to calculate proper yields, and to work on healthier recipes rather than juuuust cookies 😉



Red Wine Honey Mustard Dressing:  yields 6 servings

1 TB          red wine

1 TB          dijon mustard

4 TB          olive oil

1/2 tsp      honey

pinch         salt

pinch         freshly ground black pepper

-Place all ingredients in a mason jar, seal, and shake.


Simple Salad:  yields 6 servings

6                mini (Lebanese) cucumbers

36              cherry or grape tomatoes

6-8 TB        dressing from above

garnish       fresh oregano leaves and blossoms



Posted by:Ashley

9 replies on “Simple Salad with Red Wine Mustard Dressing

    1. Agreed. I’m having a hard time myself putting the time aside to watch them all. Also I find a lot of it is almost too beginner’y for me. I would like to get a little deeper into the monetization thought, that is where I need more help…

      1. Her site and info helped me think about my page and how I wrote. I think she offers really helpful info. I made the jump to self hosted this year which has been good so far!

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