It was down to 1C last night!  It’s frigid up here! Today I wanted to share just a quick veggie prep with you – as our favorite vegetables are heading out of season it gets harder and harder to stay creative with your meals while keeping it healthy. There’s no reason you can’t eat great vegetable dishes (and side dishes) even through the winter, it just takes a little more ingenuity. The two best ways to avoid veggie-boredom are:

1. Think outside the box with your cooking method. If you usually saute or stir fry your vegetables: think about purees, soups, roasting, or a light mash. Changing the cooking technique changes both the flavors you pull from the food, but more importantly the texture. I find that if I can prepare a different texture from the same old item; it’s like a completely different vegetable to me.

2. Go old school. Checking out some of the foods most eaten by previous generations, the Great Depression for example: gives you a great appreciation for what you do have and might even give you inspiration for a dish or specific preparation – like smashed peas on toast; my inspiration for today’s post! You can also check out classic cooking techniques over the course of the last few decades in multiple types of cuisine, to get some new ideas.

These Peas…


Smashed on Toast:     an English classic, my way   serves 2

1 cup                   green peas

3 TB                    milk or cream (optional)

1 tsp                    olive oil

small squeeze      lemon juice

pinch each           salt, pepper, and chili flakes if you like

2 pcs                    sliced toast, bagel, etc.

-Using either a food processor, blender, or your own physical might: smash all ingredients together until some of the peas are soft and mushed but some are still formed. This gives the ‘smash’ a nice texture with a little bit of crunch left.

-Spoon onto toasted bread, top with more salt and pepper and olive oil if you want, garnish with thinly sliced radishes and chives… or nothing at all!

Pureed as a side dish:     a modern take   serves 2

1 cup                    green peas

3-4 TB                  milk or cream (adjust as needed)

1 tsp                     olive oil

small squeeze      lemon juice

pinch each           salt, pepper, and chili flakes if you like

1/2  clove             fresh garlic, minced

-Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor, and blend until completely smooth. Serve as a side dish, ‘sauce the plate’ with the puree, then top with your protein and other items. Particularly good with seafood such as scallops, halibut, etc due to it’s mild but bright flavor.

Buttered with mint:     another classic   serves 2

1 cup                      green peas

1 TB                       butter

few pinches           fresh mint, thinly sliced (chiffonade for you fancy pants’ers)

pinch each             salt, pepper, chili flakes if you like (you know we like)

-Toss the butter in a pan over medium-high heat, allow to bubble and sizzle.

-Toss in the peas, salt, and other spices if you wish, saute for just a few seconds until warmed through.

-Remove from the heat, toss in the fresh mint, toss some more, and serve immediately.

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  1. Is this a British dish? I have never had it but it looks fantastic. I’m going to try it on my 10 year old after school today on sourdough toast. Yum!

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