Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last couple of weeks – it’s just been too busy at work so I’ve spent the majority of my free time catching up on laundry, errand running, and a few things that don’t require much brain power! Hopefully next week things will be back up and running in a state of normalcy, and I’ll have some spare minutes for home baking. One exciting thing did happen this week and that’s the purchase of a good ‘ol macro lens! Very exciting. I’ve been wanting this for quite some time, and I’m getting anxious to do some new food shoots with it.

I should mention as well – now that we’re into the swing of winter  there’s not much daylight past 4:30 pm, so it gets increasingly difficult to post quality stuff without getting your butt out of bed early on your days off! I took this for granted all summer…

I’ll leave you with a snapshot or two I did for MDC this week – and until next week: don’t miss the cookie posts too much!

Ciao for now!














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