It’s Saturday morning (‘er – afternoon) and I’m at home! A nice surprise Saturday off. It’s drab outside with grey overcast skies, and dead grasses rustling in the chilly wind on the balcony. Even the cat is feeling it, trading her usual jaunt around the apartment for an afternoon curled up in the fleece blanket sprawled over the bed. She’ll come out once in a blue moon for a quick meow and bite to eat. An afternoon calling for some fried dough dipped in sugary glaze, yes.



Apple Fritters:                         yields 15-20 small fritters

320 g                        all purpose flour

80 g                           sugar

1 tsp                          salt

12 g                           baking powder

1/4 tsp                     cinnamon

2/3 cup                    apple, diced

250 ml                      milk

1 tsp                           vanilla

1+1/2                        eggs

oil for frying, canola or vegetable

-Whisk together all of the dry ingredients including the apples in a large bowl.

-Add the egg and the milk with the vanilla to the dry ingredients, and fold with a spatula until there are no dry lumps. Do not overmix the batter, fold until just combined. If the batter becomes elastic it is too mixed.

-Bring a small pot of oil up to 340 F, and spoon portions of the batter carefully into the oil. I like to use portions about 2 TB in size, but you can do a couple of tests to see which you prefer.

-Fry the fritters until they are golden all over, remove from the oil onto a papertowl to absorb any excess oil, and then dip in lemon glaze while still warm.

-Eat right away 🙂

Lemony Fritter Glaze:

2/3 cup                           icing sugar

2 tsp                                 milk

1 to 1+1/2 tsp             lemon juice

-Whisk together the ingredients with a fork until smooth, and adjust consistency to your liking by add either a little more sugar (thicker glaze) or a little more lemon juice (thinner glaze).

-The amounts given are just a suggestion and are my own preference.




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