A few adjustments have been made for this dish inspired by the recipe found in Jerusalem. Fast, easy, and the only thing requiring cooking: the pasta! A super quick weekday meal that packs a flavor punch, is easy on the wallet, and won’t let you down. You’ll surely be adding it to your list of go-to dinners. After making the dish multiple times I’ve settled on the below recipe… don’t leave out the garnishes in the second list!

Pea Puree Pasta Sauce:             for two

2 cups                   peas, fresh or thawed from frozen

4-5 TB                   olive oil

2-3 TB                   lemon juice

1/2 to 1tsp             chili flakes

few pinches            salt, black pepper

1 large                    garlic clove

1 handful                chopped feta cheese

another quick drizzle of olive oil or chili oil

-Place all ingredients into a high powered blender or food processor, and blend until very smooth.



To garnish the pasta:

splash                     olive oil

pinch                       chili flakes

another handful       chopped feta

5-6                           large basil leaves

pinch                        sumac, salt, black pepper, za’atar spice blend

(optional                   sauteed chickpeas, chicken, or toasted walnuts or pinenuts)




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