I made another loaf of no knead bread this weekend, as I wanted to compare the all purpose flour version with the bread flour version. When following Jim Lahey’s recipe you’ll notice it says you can use all purpose flour or bread flour. I’d typically never use all purpose flour for any breads other than quick breads, but I figured I’d give it a whirl for the first go around. Not surprisingly the bread flour version is the crustier chewier loaf, so if you’re going to try his recipe for the first time – note that there’s a substantial difference between the two flours. I’d suggest all purpose flour if you’re making the loaf for sandwiches, and bread flour for the rest. The chewier, crustier version was my favorite. I also noticed that the rested boule just before baking – was easier to handle and get into the dutch oven without deflating when bread flour was used.

Be sure to douse the top liberally with flour before baking so you get a nice textured looking loaf. Also be sure to place the boule into the preheated dutch oven seam side up, which allows for a natural vent for the moisture to begin escaping from the dough, helping to create the crust. With most breads you’re instructed to shape the loaves and then bake them seam side down for presentation purposes, but this isn’t necessary here.

You can get the recipe in my previous post by clicking here, or you can google Jim Lahey no knead bread recipe.

no knead bread


no knead bread


no knead bread



and how it looked on the dinner table…

no knead bread

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