Hey Guys! I don’t have a recipe for you today – but I wanted to share this year’s balcony garden (so far, at least). This year we’ve tried both purple and yellow tomato varieties, as well as the usual sweet million cherry tomatoes, tri coloured chinese chilis, parsley, rosemary, basil, mint, and both pole and bush beans. The first harvest is already upon us with two nice fists full of beans this morning! The cherry tomatoes are starting to form, but nothing red yet as it’s still only the beginning of July. Herbs are all doing really well, and the bean plant is producing like crazy already even with it’s leaves having been ravaged by the winds on the balcony. These plants are definitely resilient enough for balconies provided you get at least partial direct sunlight. We’ll definitely grow then again next year.

The pole beans are more slender and smooth looking but took a little longer to appear, and the bush beans show the shape of the seeds/beans inside and are a little more tough, but they appeared on the plant much earlier than the pole beans. Apparently the bush beans need more direct sun and the pole beans do better in cooler temperatures – so this should help you decide which is best for your location if you attempt to grow them. It was fascinating to me to watch the pole beans wrap around and around the stakes at such a rapid speed, sometimes twice around the pole in only 24 hours. They grow so fast you could almost swear you’d see it grow if you watched it long enough!


I’ll be sure to update you again once the other plants start ripening their fruits. The only chilis showing so far are deep purple – which doesn’t look edible to me (lol!) but I’m off to google some more just to be sure!

Ciao for now ~


Posted by:Ashley

6 replies on “Balcony Garden 2016

  1. I also have a Garden, but not on a Balcony. Mine is in the backyard is 6 by 12, adding to next year to make 6 by 18 feet. This year it is a Hot Sauce/Salsa garden

      1. Lets see, I have 3 types of tomatoes growing, Roma, Big Boy and cherry. Peppers are Hatch, 2 kinds, Jalapeno, Serrano, and Poblano and Scotch Bonnets. We are also growing 2 types of Onions, sweet and green. Also growing Brussel Sprouts and radishes and leaf lettuce

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