I finally have a moment to bake some cookies and sit down to post it for you guys – but unfortunately I have nothing else new or exciting to report.

It’s another grey fall day here in Toronto, and the balcony is loaded with planters overflowing with brown decaying plants and shriveled peppers. Every autumn I tell myself I’m going to clean up the garden and dispose of everything before winter hits, so that I don’t have to deal with it in the spring when it’s soaked with rain water, weighing a trillion pounds and dripping muck everywhere. And every autumn I look at it, and think – meh, f!ck it. 

It’s not below zero yet. I still have time. Kinda.

I was going to share my most favorite shortbread cookie recipe with you today, but I went and bought sugar and failed to pick up butter. So I’ve found this dairy free crinkle cookie recipe over at Overtime Cook, and they sure do turn out really pretty. I suggest following Miriam’s recipe exactly – using the instant coffee, or if you can find it: coffee extract/flavoring. I used actual espresso and coffee grinds, and I found the flavor was a little lost. Also worth rolling them in cinnamon sugar rather than plain sugar, before rolling them in the icing sugar. Be sure you do actually roll them in granulated regular sugar and icing sugar, or you won’t get the perfect crinkle effect.

Get the recipe from Miriam -> HERE! 

Stay tuned for my favorite shortbread recipe…





Posted by:Ashley

13 replies on “Espresso Crinkle Cookies

  1. Wow, I recently tried to give up caffiene and just caved for my first latte in 6 months today….and then I stumble upon this! Cookies look to die for, I think the world is telling me I need to make these…

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